My name is Richard Tilley, I live in Wetaskiwin, Alberta

I am retired as of 3 years ago at which time I moved from North Vancouver B.C. to Wetaskiwin to be closer to family which had moved to Alberta several years earlier for employment oportunities.

My career was in food services having been a cook and chef for over 30 years. I had been Chief Steward aboard a research vessel for the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans until 1992 when I had a heart attack and could no longer go to sea. My wife and I then took a position as Property Managers of a townhouse complex in North Vancouver where we worked for 18 years. Then came a mild stroke through which I lost much of my sense of balance and was forced to retire.

So that is the why I am here in Alberta, but this blog site is not so much about me. I plan to make it informative explaning how the richest, most prosperous province in Canada is about to lose their place as no.1.

It is a sad story which is not the fault of the residents of Alberta except for their naivety in trusting the media and politicians.

Is it too late to rectify Alberta’s malaise? Hopefully not. How many people realize that Alberta is in deep social and financial doodoo?


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