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Put MPs and MLAs on Notice.

It is time to make a difference. It is time bring about change. Put our politicians on notice that they serve the people of Canada and not their Political Party. Demand Accountability. Demand Representation.

Amazing numbers of people “like” the Occupy Canada page. Getting the numbers out for sit-ins and other peaceful demonstrations is a powerful show of force. The problem with these demonstrations is that they are largely ignored by the general public and frowned upon as a nuisance by most. If the media draws attention, they are given only token concern by politicians, a promise is made, a promise ignored. It becomes the repeated pattern of politics and politicians af all stripes. To make significant change in Canada we need to act were it counts – at election time – in Parliament and the Legislatures. We need to take back our democracy and not leave it in the hands of political parties and their partisan politics.

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